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  • C-Curl - The most commonly used eyelash. Provides a more natural look compared to other curls.

  • D-Curl - A more dramatic look with a curl that has most lift compared to C and CC curls.

  • CC-Curl - Gives you the best of both worlds of C and D curls. Provides a curl a little more dramatic than C-curl, but not a exaggerated as D curl.


  • Volume - All diameters .10 and smaller are considered Volume lash extensions

    • Most common volume diameters used by eyelash artists are .05 and .07​

    • The diameter is small enough to adhere multiple lashes as one creating a fan of lashes, which makes it a volume. This will be a more dramatic look.

  • Classic - All diameters .12 and greater are considered Classic lash extensions

    • Most common classic diameters used by eyelash artists are .12 and .15​

    • The diameter is large enough to only put one lash extension on one individual natural eyelash (1 for 1). This creates a more natural look.


  • Faux Mink also called synthetic mink is the most popular lash used by lash artists. It mimics the look of real mink fur lashes, but without the effects for people with allergies to fur. Faux Mink are usually finer and softer than Silk lashes and has a more natural look.

  • Silk is actually not made of silk. It is made of synthetic material to mimic the silk look. It will usually have a larger body which will give it a more dramatic look than faux mink. It has a more glossier look than faux mink and is more commonly to be used for a classic set.


  • Eyelash extension lengths mainly go from 8mm to 15mm.

  • The length you choose should be determined by the length of the natural eyelash of the individual.

  • Rule of thumb is to choose an eyelash no longer than 20% of the natural eyelash. Any longer the retention of the lashes can decrease dramatically.

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Taking Proper Care

  • Allow 24-48 hours to pass before wetting your eyelashes

  • Use an eyelash brush to comb them regularly to keep them from getting dirty

  • Using a lash extension sealant will help keep the lashes in place for longer

  • Oil, salt water, and chlorine will break down the adhesive faster than normal

  • Try to limit touching the eyelashes due to the natural oils your body produces can also break down the adhesive

  • Makeup is fine to use that are NOT oil based

  • DO NOT apply water or oil based mascara or just stay away from mascara in general (It will not be needed)

  • DO NOT rub or pick at your lash extensions

  • DO NOT try to remove eyelash extension yourself as it can damage your natural eyelash

  • DO NOT use an eyelash curler to try to curl the extensions even more. (You will not have to with our products)

  • It is normal to have some redness in the eye after a lash application

  • Losing a few lashes within the first couple days is normal for some individuals (as long as it's not excessive)

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